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Hey Hey Hey, so I am just back from London after spending 2 days there to go see the amazing Fleetwood Mac. Obviously while you are in the UK capital you have to do a spot of shopping. I was actually surpirsed I didn't go to wild however I did splurge a little and picked up some items that caught my eye. So feel free too watch the video.

I also want to say I will be back to full time blogging real soon, I just took a little break as I had serious writers block, but I hope to have a new post up this week, so stay tuned. Let me know in the comments how your summer is going are you planning any holidays? I'm nosey so let me know hahaha.

Enjoy the little haul




I recently just got back from the UK Capital London. I went with my dad for a Fleetwood Mac concert in the O2 Arena .It was only a flying visit and we didn't have much time to get it all done, but I thought I would show you my little trip.

I flew from Cork to Heathrow and the flight was just 1 hour, literally the quickest flight ever. I have never been to Heathrow airport before so had no idea what to expect but let's just say its blows Ireland's airports out of the water. The baggage claim area alone is bigger than cork airport entirely haha. I stayed in the Holborn Area and so the tube ride was a little over 50 mins. I did however, purchase an oyster card and topped it up with £20 and it lasted me the whole 2 days and I used it often. You defiantly save a lot of money buying an oyster card. Also one thing to note the escalators in the tubes are so high, if you suffer with vertigo, you may have an issue.



FRIDAY, 19 JUNE 2015


Tan Activating Sunscreen.

Tan Activating Sunscreen.

So if you are like me and no matter how much sunscreen you wear you still turn out like Krusty Krab from Spongebob then you may want to look at these new kids on the block. Introducing sunscreens with the ability to help your natural tanning process...sounds too good to be true right? Well let's take a look.

I have two different brands here one from the drugstore and one highend, both are quite low in SPF , but I have put these to the test over the last 3 weeks, and I have gathered some thoughts on them. First off they are an oily consistency so no more white smudges being left over your back or at the back of your shoulder where you can't reach. To be honest I thought the consistency would be greasy but it literally glides over the skin and sinks right down. It's a nice feeling actually and throughout the day as the sun hits off your skin it still doesn't feel greasy. I also noticed that after a week of applying the oils my skin felt super smooth and hydrated. So as far as consistency goes it gets a thumbs up.

Now for the whole tanning situation, please note these are not self-tanners they are basically sunscreen that contain a little special something that helps your natural tanning abilities to get a natural even tan. As it turns out one is better than the other in this case and that could be purely because of its slight higher SPF but the winner is the Nivea Protect & Bronze * I know it has its advantage with its 5 spf more over the Lancome Soleil Bronzer Smoothing Protective Oil* but I burned badly with the Lancome one so for me it's a massive thumbs down. However the Nivea one is amazing, even though its only a 20 it protects well and I have yet to turn red with it. Now the good news is the Nivea one comes in higher SPFs so there is something for all climates and to be on the safe side I will be picking it up in at least a 30. On the other hand, the Lancome one only comes in the 15 spf so it's not very practical if you think about it.

Overall I would highly recommend the Nivea Protect and Bronze, its protected me throughout the day, I didn't actually tan over the last 3 weeks, but I haven't burned either so to be honest that is a result in itself. Maybe over time and if we actually get some proper summer weather and I sit out in it for long periods of time catching some rays as they say I will tan but for now I am happy with the results. Also the best thing its waterproof so perfect for when you go on holidays and are pool side bound.

Do these interest you? Do you burn no matter how much sunscreen you wear?

Nivea Protect & Bronze Retails for €20 but is always on offer.

Lancome Soleil Bronzer Smoothing Protective Oil retails for €30.00

*PR Gifted Items




Venus Snap With Embrace - The Perfect Travel Buddy

Venus Snap With Embrace - The Perfect Travel Buddy

It's that time of year now where us girls are shaving every inch of our bodies just to be prepared for the hot days where we might be showing a bit of skin. Today I have a little review on the new Venus Snap razor, this is a portable razor that is perfect for travel and is great at delivering smooth skin in an instant.

The Venus Snap With Embrace is a mini little razor that is easy to use and comes in handy when you are off on your summer holidays. Not only does it take up less space in your toilet bag but it is well protected. Not sure about you but I am sick of the amount of times I go to use a razor and the green strip has melted and gone sticky due to some substance attacking it in the toilet bag but since this razor comes in a blue breathable container you don't have any of that. Not only that it's a very nifty razor to have in your life due to the small sizing. It can fit anywhere and gives an unbelievably close shave.

Venus Snap With Embrace - The Perfect Travel Buddy

When I first tried this out I was a little skeptical that the size would be hard to use and I will admit the legs are fine but the underarms was very strange at first it felt like I had no control but after using it a few times I have gotten used to it.

The razor itself is meant to be enriched with a ribbon of moisture so there is no need for any shaving gel or lotion etc, but to be honest I never trust those things as I have be sucked in before and been left with some very dodgy ingrown hairs and red skin. So I always like to apply either conditioner or some sort of shaving gel. It's better to be safe than sorry. Once the razor is used it can be replaced with any of the Gilette heads except the simply venus one, so getting a replacement head will never be a problem.

Overall, this is a summer essential for me, its nifty, great for travel and it looks cute what more could you want. My top tip though is it buy it on offer as it is always on offer in Boots and money saved is always a good thing right?

Venus Snap With Embrace retails for €13.49 or €6.74 on offer and can be bought from Boots.


MONDAY, 15 JUNE 2015


My Mac Eyeshadow Palette & Swatches

Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness along with lipsticks and nail polishes that is. I have been collecting and building my mac palette for a little over a year. My aim was to start out with colours that would work for bridal makeup but then I got a little over excited and end up filling it with loads of colours I liked, although I still use it for work, this palette gets a lot of personal use and so today I thought I would show you the shades I have.

I started off this palette with just two shadows and they were All That Glitters and Satin Taupe. These were the first ever shadows I had tried from Mac and it only left me wanting more. Over the last year every time I pop into Mac I try to pick up a shadow or two so I can complete this guy. I am yet to finish this palette but thought I would post about it, in hope someone can lead me down the right path, what do I need to add to make this the ultimate palette?

My most used shades from this palette would have to be Sable, Woodwinked, Cork, Antiqued, All That Glitters & Patina. Sable being the most used as It is such a one hit shadow wonder. One sweep and its good to go and the same goes for Antiqued and Woodwinked, one sweep on the lid and its perfection, also they can look different in terms of how you apply and what colour you team them with. I use Cork mostly as a crease shade, its a very warm shade and so works well with green eyes and it's the perfect blend it out shade. As for Patina, this is my go to bridal makeup look when a bride wants a subtle makeup. It's so complimenting and looks great on brides. As for All That Glitters I love this in the summer teamed with lots of mascara. Other shades that make a great addition would be Swiss Chocolate this is a beautiful matte red-brown that creates a gorgeous smokey brown eye. If you do like a reddy eye look you have to have Cranberry, its a real beaut and let's not forget the many uses of Blanc Type, highlighter, base, powder for under eye concealer...such a universal shade.

My Mac Eyeshadow Palette & Swatches


Blanc Type: a matte white/ cream

All That Glitters: a champagne shimmer

Omega: Soft muted beige taupe

Cork: muted golden brown (matte)

Patina: taupe brown with a golden pearl

Woodwinked: warm antiqued gold

Sable: gold plum with bronze pearl

Shale: mauve plum with subtle shimmer

Satin Taupe: Taupe with silver shimmer

Antiqued: a red toned brown with a hint of bronze.

Swiss Chocolate: muted reddish brown

Cranberry: red plum with pink shimmer

Coppering: orange-red copper shade with a gold undertone.

So there is my Mac palette, now the big question how should I fill those two holes? Leave me your faves below and let me know if you own any of these shades.

Mac is available from Brown Thomas in Ireland or Mac online for other countries.




Top 5 Essie Polishes

Top 5 Essie Polishes

One brand I have come to love is Essie, I am addicted to nail polish Essie is a brand I have started to collect over the years, mainly due to the influence of some bloggers but either way I do love an Essie nail polish. The shade selection is great the continuing collections is exciting and they are great quality. Of course like any other brands it has its hits and misses but today, I am going to talk about my all time top 5 shades.

First up is Watermelon, oh sweet baby jesus this is the best polish of all time, it's a juicy pink/ red / raspberry shade that is so intense and so bright that it's sure to cheer up anyone's day. Watermelon is opaque in just one coat and the finish is so glossy and almost gel like. It truly is the perfect polish. Taking of juicy reds next we have Fifth Avenue. This is a super bright red that leans on the orange side, again this one is sure to turn heads and brighten up an outfit and has that glossy finish. Like watermelon, this is opaque in just one coat, but I like to do two just to be safe. Fifth Avenue is a very flattering red shade that would work on all skin tones.

Next moving out of the bright category is Chinchilly, this is a sneaky polish and by that I mean it has different undertones depending on which way the light is hitting it. It is, in fact a slate grey but it has a lilac and almost blue undertones that give it that extra edge over other grey polishes. This is a truly sleek polish and great for the office as it adds such sophistication to the nails. Then for the dark polish lovers we have Bahama Mama. This is a warm rich plum shade that makes it look like autumn has exploded all over your nails. Like the first two polishes I mentioned it has an almost gel-like finish. This is a must for all you purple nail lovers.

Lastly is the first ever Essie Polish I bought and that is Cute As A Button, this one was heavily influenced by Fleur De Force and I remember buying this one in Wales and I was very excited at the time that it was finally mine. No matter how old this one is I will always go back to it. It is a creamy almost neon pinky coral shade that instantly makes me think of summer whenever I wear it. This one is a fave mainly as its so easy to apply and works well on short nails (which I have 8 months of the year...nail biter alert)

So there you have it, my top 5 Essie polishes. It was hard breaking it down to just 5 and I have other well loved ones so let me know if you want a collection post.

What Essie polishes do you love and do you have any recommendations?




May Beauty Favourites

I have not done a beauty favourites in a while and since I just posted a video on this I thought I would share it on here as well. I haven't been loving much lately but there has been a few key products that I wouldn't be without.

First up is Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil. I just posted a review on this and I have nothing but good things to say about it, it removes makeup like a dream, leaves the skin clean, soft and brighter and smells incredible. This is hands down the best cleansing oil I have ever tried. Next is a product that we all can't go without and that's a brush cleanser. This one from MAC was a total impulse buy. Priced at €15 it's not the cheapest but in my opinion it is worth it. It removes shadow, blush and even stubborn foundation stains. Highly recommend it. The only thing I would say is to think of getting a spray pump for it as it wastes product otherwise.

As for makeup this month I have discovered the perfect nude (post shown here). I adore the Urban decay sheer range. They are lightweight, creamy and so beautiful on the lips and so the shade Liar is a huge hit for me this month. I love teaming it with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip pencil, for me the two are the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone and together they are a match made in heaven. In terms of a pro favourite this month, shout out has to go to the Kiko Universal Fit Foundation. This has worked like a dream on all the clients I have used it on this month. It blends into the skin so evenly, covers what it has to and keeps the skin hydrated and looking great. It also retails for under €7, I mean it's practically a steal.

Lastly, I have been loving Mac Sable eyeshadow, this one is a slight bronze/ brown shade with a hint of purple which makes it perfect for green eyes as it really makes them pop. It is a great shadow as its a one shadow wonder meaning getting ready in the morning is so much quicker. I will go as far to say I love it more than Woodwinked! That is a strong statement right there.

So there are my beauty favourites this month, be sure to give the video a watch if you fancy and let me know what you have been loving this month.

Have you tried any of these products?