Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 14 Beauty Products Of 2014

Top 14 Beauty Products Of 2014
I literally cannot believe 2014 is nearly over. It has been a crazy year and in terms of Beauty there have been so many winners but I narrowed it down to just 14 products...I have no idea how I did it but here it is. I have picked products from all categories and hopefully amongst these products you might discover some real treats. Sorry for change of location in this video I am sofa bound due to pulling ligaments in my foot...I explain how in the video, its not that glamorous in fact I should have made a story up to make myself look good but it is what it is hahaha. I am a clumsy bitch. Be sure to leave a comment below telling me what products you have been loving this year.

Monday, December 15, 2014

L'Oreal La Palette Nude Review & Swatches

drugstore nude palette

L'Oreal La Palette Nude Review & Swatches

drugstore nude palette

drugstore nude palette

Everyone seems to be jumping on the naked palette bandwagon and finally a drugstore brand have jumped on and its a corker. L'Oreal La Palette Nude comes with 10 neutral shades featuring 6 shimmers and 4 mattes. When I saw this in its stand all alone (only one left) I knew I had to get it. 

First up the shadows are placed in a sturdy black plastic palette, pretty standard and although not the fanciest of packaging it does the job and looks good. The palette also comes with a big mirror and a dual ended brush but to be honest its pretty crappy so I would recommend tossing it aside. Moving on to the shades. Like I mentioned it comes with 6 shimmers and 4 mattes and the shimmers are defiantly the winners of the palette. The mattes are a little meh and are only good for the crease area as they tend to be a little streaky if placed across the lid however the quality of the shimmers will make up for the disappointing mattes. The shimmery shades are fully pigmented, buttery and easy to work with. As the palette is called 'Rosy' the shades are meant to be on the rosy side of things but personally I feel the shadows are more purple/ mauve toned so I think if you avoided the Naked 3 because of the rose toned shadows then this might be up your street as I think this palette will suit more. 

The palette is priced at €22.99/£14.99  which is a little pricey for the drugstore but L'Oreal isn't usually the cheapest of makeup when it comes to drugstore products so it was expected but I feel you do get a great quality product for the price and a product that you will get a lot of use of. Also I feel it has switched some things up in terms of stepping away from just browns as there are some gorgeous plummy brown shades in this palette that compliment the eyes so well. So overall the price isn't too bad.

I do recommend checking this palette out, I have't be able to put it down since getting it so I do feel it is a little gem to have in your collection and I guess you can never have too many neutral palettes, can you? 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Formula X Polishes

Formula X Polishes

swatches of formula x polishes

While I was in Barcelona earlier this year I picked up the famous Formula X polishes, I literally could not wait to get my hands on them to see what all the fuss and hype was about. I picked up two shades first shade is a pretty pink and the other is a glitter shade that I'm not 100% why I bought it as I'm not a huge glitter polish wearer but c'mon look how awesome it looks in the bottle. 

First off we shall talk about the pink shade 'Unstoppable. I actually picked this one up by mistake I really wanted Exclamation and with the all the excitement of being in a Sephora and being on a early morning flight I bought the wrong one. Unstoppable is a bubblegum pink and I like it but I do have a major concern with it and that is it takes around 4 coats to look opaque which lets face it isn't good for the price. Other than that flaw it lasted around 7 days on my nails before my first chip appeared and I have to say that is pretty darn impressive. Probably one of the longest wearing polishes I have ever worn. The formula is strange it kinda hardens the nails and feels like its glued onto the nails, however it feels it lasts and that is what everyone says about them so they lived up to that. 

Now we have the not so great shade Outburst. This looks pretty great in the bottle right and yes it looks lovely on the nails after a base coat of a matching shade and around 4 layers of glitter....ain't nobody got time for that. This I do regret buying as I just can't be bothered to sit around layering glitter on my nails to get a full effect. It did last on the nails not as long as the pink shade but it lasted past 4-5 days. 

So my overall thoughts are this. If I was in Sephora again and I had the stand of Formula x polishes in front of me I would avoid the glitters and keep with just the normal shades. I would also research the shades just to see how people say they apply and I would not pick up the wrong shade haha

Have your tried these polishes? 

Formula x polishes retail from $10.50 / €12.90

Monday, December 08, 2014

Must Have Mac Products

top mac products

I was never really a big fan of Mac until the last year or two. I do still think it has its hit and misses products but there are some pretty darn awesome products that I feel you should add to your wishlist for the next time you pass a Mac store. 

First of is lipsticks, while people probably have a million different preferences I only have two. Personally I feel Mac lipsticks are a little over priced but I think its nice to splurge now and then and for that I suggest Syrup which is a muted mauve shade with a glossy finish and Patisserie the perfect pink brown nude, both perfect everyday lipsticks and both Lustre (formula) so super nourishing. 

Next I highly recommend the MSF in Natural. This is one of my all time favourite powders. It leaves the skin super flawless and keeps the oil at bay while still looking 100% natural ...pretty much the perfect setting powder. As you can see from the picture I am in need of a new one soon. Talking of powder have you ever found yourself in that situation where you have over powdered and look almost cake like?? Well the Fix Plus setting spray will fix that right up. This is my ultimate product that I use pretty much everyday as I love the effect it leaves on my skin. It adds this luminosity to the skin that is so pretty. I won't say this is a pro longing setting spray but it does do an excellent job of keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing. 

Another product that keeps you glowing is the MSF In Soft & Gentle. This is one of my first ever highlighters I bought. Its a real beaut and leaves the cheeks glowing from within. It isn't necessary a discrete highlighter but it is a winner. The gold reflects are just gorgeous. Lastly what would a must have Mac products post be without eyeshadows. Some of my faves are All That Glitters-a frosted gold champange shade, Omega- a warm taupe matte shade that is perfect for blending.  Then we have Woodwinked- a warm gold bronze shade perfect for creating a one shadow look and of course Satin Taupe- a warm dark taupe shade which can look purple or grey depending on what its paired with...its pretty special. 

So there are my top must have Mac products. I tried a few of their foundations and have broken out so I never went back and I have only ever tried two of their blushes so let me know what your faves are and leave your recommendations below.