Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Go To Mac Eyeshadow Quad

Go To Mac Eyeshadow Quad
woodwinked, all that glitter, omega, mac shadows

mac, all that glitters, satin taupe shadows

One thing I love about Mac is the fact you can create your own little palette. It makes it perfect for travelling or just for popping in your favourite shades to throw in your everyday makeup bag. So I thought I would show you my everyday palette that I like to carry around with me. I actually created this palette to go on holiday this year and I love the fact it contains a day look and a night-time look. 

First shade is Omega, this is a matte taupe, grey shade. This not only makes the perfect blending out shade it also works really nice popped all over the lid, blended into the crease and smoked out under the lower lash for a everyday, effortless eye look. A lot of people with blonde hair also use Omega as their brow shade so the colour itself is very universal. Next is All That Glitters, one of the first shadows I bought from Mac, I think everyone and their cat has this one. Its the perfect everyday girly shade. A soft beige shade with a gold running through it, it is just pure perfection. This shadow looks lovely just swept over the lid with layers of mascara. 

Next is Woodwinked which is actually a new purchase in my collection. This shade is probably my favourite. I can't describe how good this looks on the eyes. Just by popping it onto the eye and blending out gives you almost a dimensional look that looks like you have spent ages building colour up in the crease and creating a smokey bronzed eye look. I highly recommend Woodwinked. Lastly is Satin Taupe, this one is also a very unique shade, I know it looks just like a typical dark taupe bronze shade but this one seems to look different every time I apply it. Sometimes it looks purple sometimes it looks brown. Its very pretty and again I think one for everyone really. 

So there is my go to Mac Shadow palette. I think this palette is perfect for the day time where I can use omega or all that glitters and then for the evening time I can smoke it up with either woodwinked or satin taupe or all four shades. I'm rambling...I'm going to wrap it up now. 

What are your favourite Mac shadows. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Guest Post: 20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas
We all get writers block every now and then and sometimes it just seems impossible to sit down and blog. I'm always looking for new ideas and love finding inspiration online to help beat writers block and inspire me to sit down and write a post, so here are 20 beauty blog post ideas to help you - hopefully one of them will inspire you to sit down and write: 

  1. Products you regret buying - everyone raves about products they loved, but why not share products that didn't work for you?
  2. Top 5 under 'X' amount - if you like sharing your beauty bargains, why not make a top 5 post?
  3. The lipstick product tag - everyone enjoys reading a tag every now and then
  4. FOTD - or face of the day, create a look and share it
  5. Beauty tips - share one of your best beauty tips with your readers
  6. Collection type posts - it doesn't have to be an entire collection, why not just show one part.. maybe your lipsticks or even your perfume? People always love a snoop
  7. Share the love - let your readers know about your favourite blogs to read and why
  8. A day in the life - even on beauty blogs people like to know the face behind the blog
  9. A season themed post - with Autumn approaching try sharing some of your Autumn beauty faves
  10. A wishlist - this doesn't involve spending any money, simple create a wishlist of products you'd like to buy or try giving readers an insight into your shopping basket
  11. Dupes - everyone loves a good dupe, if you know a budget alternative why not share it with the world
  12. NOTW - a simple post showcasing your favourite nail polish of the week
  13. Skincare routine - share your favourite skincare staples and talk about your routine
  14. Makeup storage - a classic post that everybody enjoys - perhaps you could include some storage ideas and space saving tips?
  15. DIY posts - whether it's a home made lip balm, a body scrub or something else - share it!
  16. Hauls - if you've been shopping lately, talk about your first impressions and what you purchased, fellow bloggers will enjoy seeing what's new on the market
  17. Tutorials - you don't have to be a professional, maybe you could create a look for a certain event or just have fun
  18. What's in my makeup bag - share the contents of your current makeup bag
  19. Product reviews - you don't have to review only brand new products, why not review one of your old favourites?
  20. Holy Grails - share your must have beauty items with your readers, think stranded on an island only allowed to take 5 items! 
I hope some of you found some inspiration in that list, we all get stuck every now and then so just sit back and think. Make lists, talk to your blogger friends, share ideas and if that doesn't work - take a break, sometimes that's all you need. Huge thankyou to Lauren for letting me guest post today. If you'd like to pop over and pay me a visit, you can find me at 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Travel Makeup Bag: Barcelona Take 2

selection of makeup
all makeup for holiday

So as you read this I am either on a plane or I have landed depending on whether you are an early bird reader or not. I am off to Barcelona again, I fell in love with the place last year and knew I had to return, this time around I am with my mum for a girly holiday. So with travelling comes travel makeup so here are my contents I bought with me and before we get started, yes you are seeing 5 lipsticks. I have problems what can I say. 

So here goes. For the base I am bringing my Murad Oil Spectrum SPF 30++ as this is my all time facial SPF. Its non greasy, doesn't break me out and smells incredible. I have also packed my favourite primer, Maxfactor Face Finity and for foundation, yes you guessed it, Revlon Colourstay, its literally the only foundation that can handle the heat, so to speak. I have packed two concealers one for spots and one for under eyes, one for blemishes is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and for under the eyes I have Bourjois CC Eye Cream , literally love this stuff. Then to lock it all in place I have Mac MSF in Natural. 

For a touch of colour I have my Nars Laguna bronzer, and for the cheeks I have Hourglass Ambient Blush In Dim Infusion, the reason I am bringing this blush is because its a blush with a highlighter thrown in and it cost over €40 and I need to justify it somehow. 

For the eyes, I have my custom Mac quad with the shades Omega, All That Glitters, Woodwinked and Satin Taupe. To keep all that in one place I have Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the mascara of choice is Maybelline Big Eyes as its waterproof and does the job. For the brows I have Sleek Brow Stylist, which is very much needed at the moment as I recently trimmed too much off my brows....long story. 

Lastly the lip products I have bought are Mac Syrup, Bourjois Pink Pong, Revlon Sultry Samba, Chanel Boy Lipstick, and Kiko 912 lipstick which is called Crimson Red. Is it sad that my handbag has two other lipsticks in.....I like options. 

So there is the lowdown on my makeup bag. I couldn't fit my Urban Decay De Slick in here so its in my toiletry bag but I literally love this stuff and it has to go everywhere with me especially hot countries as I will be a sweaty Betty. 

What makeup do you bring away with you, are you off anywhere this year? 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barcelona Beauty Wishlist- Sephora & Kiko

Barcelona Beauty Wishlist

So I am probably not the only nerd who plans what they are going to buy on holiday way before they have left. Well I hope I'm not. I have put together a little list of the things I want to pick up in Barcelona. I don't go overly crazy in European Sephora's because we can literally get all the same products in Debenhams and Brown Thomas so I don't see the sense but I do have a little list and of course Kiko will be hit. I have a list for myself and my chummy Jess from Lovely Jubbly Blog.  So without further a do here is my little list.

First up the Sephora Lip Creams. These are mentioned by all the youtubers lately and I merely just want to see what the fuss is about and I do love my lip products. I have no idea what shade I will pick up, I doubt I'll pick the famous red one up as I don't wear red that often so I can't wait to have a little swatching session. Also from Sephora I am hoping that the Barcelona one stocks the Formula X Polishes, they are on the french site so fingers crossed as I have heard they are the best polishes ever. Lastly from Sephora is the 4 in 1 nail file, I think I buy one everytime I go. Its like holy grail nail material. Love the little thing. 

Moving onto Kiko, I usually don't plan much from this shop because its one of those shops that you just throw everything in the basket while your in there, but I do have my eye on the Long Lasting Eye Shadow sticks, which are meant to be dupes for the ever so expensive By Terry version, so they are a definite must. I also want to try their eyebrow pencil, as again it was mentioned by a youtuber and I'm very easily led and lastly from Kiko I want to try their brush cleaner as I am nearly out of mine and I like to try different ones. 

The last product on my list is a duo kit from all I am saying is I am the kind of person who checks the Sky Shopping on the aeroplane before I fly. Yes I am that sad. Well good job I did because this bargain is too good to be missed. Two full sized masks one is the Clear Improvement and the other is Drink Up Intense, both on my list for a long time and for €32 a complete bargain. 

So there is my holiday Beauty wishlist. What would you buy if you were hitting Sephora or Kiko? I need ideas and I'm generally nosey.