Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Its that time of the year again where we all try to make ourselves scary. I personally love it although I never dress up or go to any fancy parties but I do love to try out different look. As a huge walking dead fan, I thought why not do a Walking dead zombie effect but because I am working with a tight budget I decided on a burned zombie style makeup look and this is super easy to do. 

So you will need the following: 
*Liquid Latex (got mine on ebay for around €2)
*Black Eyeshadow
*Red Lipstick (or fake blood)
*Different makeup brushes

Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Step 1: Apply the latex in layers to the skin, I placed it anywhere. I applied 3 layers and let it dry completely between layers. 

Step 2:  Take a tweezers and pull holes in the latex, then fill the holes in with red lipstick. you can use fake blood but I find it stains the skin so much its annoying to remove. 

Step 3: Place black eyeshadow around the corners of the holes you created this gives it a more 3 dimensional look. 

Step 4. Place the black eyeshadow on a powder brush and apply it all over the face, then place red lipstick under the eyes and blend out and just keep messing with it until it you are happy with it. 

That is pretty much it, told you it was simple and anyone could do it. Its also super budget friendly and won't take you hours to do.  A little tip if you are wearing this an outfit apply black and red down the neck top even everything out. It will look better. Have a fun Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Beauty Bits

New Beauty Bits
New Beauty Bits

You guessed it..... I went shopping again. In my defence I was on holiday and I was in Cardiff so technically it was all beyond my control. I thought I would show you some of the bits I picked up. I will be doing full reviews of all the products shortly but here is a little mini review style post. 

First off I picked up another Primark nail polish, this one is a insanely bright pink shade that I only wished I discovered in the summer months its so bright...I'm going to die. I then popped into the new Superdrug Beauty store which I wasn't hugely impressed with it, I mean its a lovely layout but they lack a lot of the usual brands. Also almost every product was a tester...seriously gross. I did pick up this gorgeous Essie set for £12.99. The set contains two beautiful autumn shades Bahama Mama and Chincilly. Its perfect. I then picked up a Revlon lipstick in Wild Orchid which was a mistake I wanted to buy Berry Couture, but like I said the shop is all over the shop so I picked up the wrong one. Wild Orchid is a metallic raspberry pink I am not too fond of it. Its very 80's. I did however pick up Berry Couture the next day so all was well. Berry couture is a muted berry shade its so pretty. I then picked up Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Intense Lip Crayon in Minimalist. This is a pretty simple pink however I discovered the next day it contains another product I was a little disappointed with. Lastly from Superdrug I picked up A Model Recommends Dry Shampoo. I was so excited to try this out and thankfully it was a success as its a awesome product, more on that soon. 

Then as I passed through Boots to get a drink, I picked up the Seventeen contour kit, I got the shade fair and I have been loving it to far, I haven't tried it enough to form an opinion yet. Lastly when you thought the shopping was all over I went shopping on the ferry back to Ireland and I picked up this insanely amazing bargain of a mere £20 for 6 Benefit blushes. Can I get a Bargain Alert Alarm! This is part of Benfit's Christmas collection and I will do a full post on it soon. 

So that is what I picked up while I was in Wales. I think I did rather well. I mean I could have gone crazy and I didn't even step foot in a department store. I am proud haha. 

What have you bought lately? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Match your Jewellery to your Makeup

Jewellery and makeup may be viewed as two very different fashion treatments. However, if the two are combined, they can enhance your entire look. Matching (and mixing) can be creative and artistic. Draw inspiration from your favourite cosmetics and jewellery pieces and make a statement where the entire effect becomes lovelier than the sum of the parts. It helps when you know what to match and how. The following five tips will help you combine in ways you've never even dreamed of so that you can use elements to create a truly stunning you.

Match or Clash
An underlying principle is to combine makeup in ways where colours match rather than clash. Certain shades work better together than others. Earthy tones include reds, browns, blues and greens. Generally, these tones play together beautifully. On the colour wheel, opposing colors tend to clash. It is helpful to understand that even though makeup and jewelry hues may clash, you can draw attention to either one with specific colour-choices. For example, an emerald green necklace worn with bright red lipstick can create a strikingly beautiful effect.

Brights with More Subtle Makeup
The same principle can be applied to your style. A bright turquoise and silver necklace combined with subtle makeup shades will draw attention to both, beautifully. Soft eye make-up and delicate lip-gloss are enhanced by a soft application of cosmetics. A statement necklace will play up your features while your makeup highlights the jewelry.

Selecting Jewellery and Makeup
Look at pieces that you have, or browse through collections of a quality jewellery such as those available at Michael Hill Jewellers. Decide on rings, earrings, and bracelets… all the pieces that you love… and start to play them up. Consider colours and tones that stand out in these items. Then decide how you would like to offset the metals and tints. Do you want to pair and clash, or combine bold pieces with more delicate cosmetics? Try out several combinations and choose looks that you like best. Most importantly, experiment and have fun!

Creating the Perfect Look
As mentioned, bold statement pieces can be matched or clashed. Combine brights and achieve stunning results. You can pair the Bohemian-style in an outfit with daring makeup and bronzers to create a natural wind-swept look. Or, match mixed-metals with metallic shades of eye shadow. Conversely, contrast mixed pieces with more subtle makeup choices. Use mascara on lashes, smooth a pale shadow over your lids and add peach-tones to cheekbones. This looks goes perfectly with this year’s natural, nude tones.

Finding your Look
Selecting the ideal makeup and jewellery may take a little time; however, the looks that you’ll create are bound to be worth the added effort. Add drama to outfits by mixing brights with softer tones, or really step things up and pair brights with brights, or pastels with lights. This season the latest styles run the gamut. Isn't it time to take some chances? Find what works and play it up – to the max!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Beauty Travel Contents

Weekend Beauty Travel Contents
Weekend Beauty Travel Contents

So if you follow me on twitter you will know that I have gone away for the weekend. So I thought I would do a post on weekend beauty. I am a over packer big time but I really do try and cut down what I pack when it comes to short trips and judging from the pictures I am pretty proud I only bought 2 lipsticks. I am however doing peoples makeup while I'm over there so I do have a few extra things in my kit but this is my personal stash. 

First off for the base I am keeping it simple. I have opted for ELF Mineral Face Primer and then for foundation I am bringing Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum simply as I have run out of my fave Revlon one and hope to pick it up while I'm over there. The Bourjois one is the only one that matches me in my collection at the moment. To seal the deal I am using Nars Translucent Powder In Crystal. This is a gorgeous light reflecting setting powder. I am bringing my fave Nars Blush that being Final Cut which I believe was limited edition but I've seen it on a few websites oh and to get rid of any blemishes cause I have loads at the moment I have included Nars Radiant Concealer. Then I added my Bourjois Bronze and Highlighter as I just want to test it out before I review it as I haven't used it much since I got it. 

For the eyeballs I have the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige as the perfect everyday shade and also perfect base shade. I thought I would pack my Smashbox Full Exposure Palette as I can create day and night looks with that one and then for mascara I am trailing a new one from Bourjois called the 1 second mascara. I have used this twice and I'm not sold yet so only time will tell. 

As for lips I am being very good, I only have two for myself....little secret I had three in my handbag. I like options what can I say. Also I had another 4 in my kit so a total of 9 lip colours. LMAO I really do have issues. Anyway the shades I bought were MAC Syrup, the perfect everyday berry ish lip and a new edition to my collection Barry M Cor Balmy in Jam Jar. 

So that is what I packed for a weekend trip away. I am going out shopping with a friend and probably going to the local shops and then I'm going to a 70th Birthday party which I will have a post up on Friday. 

What would you bring on a weekend away? Have I got too many lipsticks lol? 

When this post goes live its my Nan's 70th so 'Happy Birthday Nan' (she don't even have internet, she will never see this haha)