Friday, 29 May 2015

HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

Who doesn't love a red lip??? However,  some people are put off with them as they feel they can never get them to look right. Some feel that red just doesn't suit but I think there is a red lipstick out there for everyone and once you have found it you won't turn back. So today I have created a post giving you some tips on how to apply a red lip like a pro.

HOW TO: Perfect Red Lips Like A Pro

My first tip, before we get started is to exfoliate the lips this gives up a good base to work off and all lipstick applies and look nicer on soft, flake free lips. To do this simply brush over with a toothbrush after brushing your teeth or use a lip scrub such as lush or make your own with brown sugar and olive oil. Now onto how to apply the lips.

Step 1: Apply a lip liner to the center of the lips and just under your cupids bow, this will give you an easy guide to the shape of your lips as well as help you perfect your lip shape. You then want to use this guide and join up the lines to the center, so take you liner and start in the corner  and join to the cupids bow and vice versa. 

Step 2: Once your lips have an outline you want to fill in the entire lip area with your liner. Its helps so have a creamy lip liner otherwise it just drags on the lips causing flakiness and slight pain. My favourite liners are Rimmel and Kiko Smart Liners, they have the creamy consistency needed to fill in your lips without them feeling tight. 

Step 3: Now apply your red lipstick of your choice, I love Urban Decay F Bomb and Loreal Colour Riche in 461. You have two options here you can apply with a lip brush or you can apply straight from the bullet. What I usually do is apply my lipstick and any messy lines or bleeding to the lipstick I fix with the lipliner I used as it moves the lipstick without removing colour. I also feel I have more control with a lip liner. A small thin lip brush is also a good option. 

Step 4: Now there is no doubt you will have a tiny amount of bleeding on the upper lip especially so grab your concealer and fix it up. Take a small thin brush and apply concealer to the lip line area, trying not to get any on the lips but if you do fix it up with you lip liner. If it all goes horribly wrong, take a cotton bud or Q Tip and dip it in some makeup remover and gently go along the edge of the lipstick and then go back in with your concealer. Red lips can be messy to apply sometimes especially if the shade is vivid so you will probably have to do some sort of cleaning up. When all that is done I like to go around the rim of my lips with the liner to prevent further bleeding throughout the day. I also like to blot my lips with either tissue or blotting paper to prevent smudging throughout the day and that first half hour is a killer for smudging blotting will help prevent that. 

There you have it 4 simple easy steps to rock a red lip like a boss. Be sure to let me know your favourite red lipstick and  if you have and tips leave a comment below. 

Question of the day: Do red lips make you feel more empowering? 


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

One True Pairing: The Perfect Nude Lip

One True Pairing: The Perfect Nude Lip
It has taken awhile but I have finally found the perfect nude for my lip tone and I have a feeling a lot of you will love it too. I took my two favourite lip products and combined them to make a beautiful hybrid. This nude shade is not only perfect for every day but it is my lips but better shade and that's what we are all looking for right???

First off is Urban Decay Sheer Lipstick in the shade Liar, this is the perfect brown/pink toned nude shade that gives the lips a lovely sheen finish and makes them look 100% more plumped up. Not only is this lipstick a gorgeous shade, it is the most amazing formula, especially if you suffer from dry lips. In fact, the Urban Decay Sheer lipsticks are defiantly worth checking out as the formula and texture are great.  I kid you not these lipsticks glide across the lips and keep them feeling moisturized throughout the day while delivering great pigmentation.

Then we have Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipliner the most hyped up lip liner in the beauty blogging world. Yes this gets a lot of love from everyone and when I first got it I saw no hype but after applying it and popping some sort of balm over the top it has been a love story. This lipliner is a great nude shade but also has a dark pink undertone so it gives the lips a sophisticated look, I like to call it Angelina Jolie Pout shade. It really does remind me of that when I see it on people.
One True Pairing: The Perfect Nude Lip

I usually apply the lipliner first and then apply the lipstick over the top and I literally cannot get enough of it. It's my perfect nude. It looks so natural but still looks like I have a nice colour on the lips and its goes with almost any eyeshadow look plus it never washes out my complexion, one can almost say it's pretty darn amazing. By wearing my lipliner underneath, it ensures longer wear time and not having to top up your lippie throughout the day is another thing you don't have to worry about.

I cannot recommend these shades enough, alone they are beautiful but combined they are trés beautiful.

Have you tried any of these products? What is your everyday nude shade?


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Review & Swatches

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Review & Swatches
I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Review & Swatches

The last time my mum was in Wales, I asked her to pick me up the I Heart Makeup, I Heart Chocolate palette, one because I don't have any neutral palettes obviously...and two because it was meant to be a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate Palette. However priced at only £8 it seemed like a good option to give it a whirl.

First things first I forgot to photograph the front but it's made to look like a chocolate bar, personally I don't like it, it makes it look cheap but I guess we should never judge a book by its cover. Inside the palette are 16 eyeshadows, 6 matte shades and 10 shimmer/satin shades. Each shade is highly pigmented with the exception of the pink shade and all shades are easy to blend and apply. I wouldn't say they are the creamiest of shadows but they are good quality and for under £10 you are really getting a great quality palette.
I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Review & Swatches
For the first time, I will admit I prefer the shimmery/ satin shades in this palette because there isn't one I don't like. They are so lovely to work with and look amazing on the eyes. The matte shades are really nice as well but it's the shimmery/satin shades that make it a winner for me. This is an all round neutral palette with the ability to create a smokey nighttime look as well as a neutral daytime look, it really does have it all and would make a great travel companion as so many looks can be achieved  Staying time of the shadows without a primer is pretty good unless you have extremely oily lids. I would say without a primer you would get 6-7 hours wear. After that the colours just look a little faded. 

Overall a really nice palette and in my opinion the best on the drugstore market at the moment. I think for the money you really cannot go wrong. This would also make a great palette for beginners as you have the shade selection, the amazing quality and a friendly price tag. Is it a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate palette? I couldn't tell you but from what I have seen online the shades are pretty close and for a fraction of the cost of the two-faced palette who can resist. 

I Heart Makeup can be bought from The Makeup Revolution site or in Superdrug. Plus good news they ship worldwide. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues -nail polish
blue nail polish swatches

I am obsessed with blue nail polishes lately and they seem to be getting more and more popular, back in the day I probably would have never worn a blue polish on my nails but these days I am craving the next best one. So today I have rounded up my favourite ones to get your nails bang on trend this summer...also can we discuss the summer here in Ireland at the moment, like seriously where the heck is it. I legit lit the fire last night...sad times. 

Back to happy thoughts, I will kick it off with Barry M Blueberry, part of the Gelly range which is my favourite range from Barry M, this shade is the periwinkle style blue, its kinda milky but still packed with a lot of blue. It is a beaut. Taking of beauty can we just admire Maybelline Uptown Blue...oh sweet lord this is the bomb diggity. It is everything a blue polish should be, eye catching and jaw dropping (slightly dramatic) but it's a great shade. The formula is also really good with just 2 coats and great staying power. 

Taking it a little more on the darker side is Lancome Nuit Dazur, this reminds me of a swimming pool for some reason, it's a lot less minty blue compared to the others but its very impactful never the less on the nails. Then we have the first ever blue polish I ever bought Bourjois Blue No Blues, awesome name and equally awesome polish. The formula, the quality, oh and the my friend are a blue polish angel. I have a swatch on my nails of this one here. Then for the people who don't want that full-on blue I have Barry M Huckleberry, this is the blue/white milky side of things. It's a lot less in your face but still a really pretty shade the only downside is it is a 3 coat son of a b**ch, but we will forgive you. 

So there you have it the ultimate blue polishes for the ''summer'', if you are near a Sephora I did spot a gorgeous blue on Lovely Girlie Bits blog called Bikini Party, go take a look and tell me you won't buy it, it is on my list., I'll tell you that.

Leave any recommendations down in the comments you know I am easily enabled. What are your go to summer polishes?


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush Review

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush

Urban Decay are throwing out new releases all the time lately and I have to say I was very excited when they released this new line of blushes. I do love a good blush and everyone and their cat seem to loving these so I was very intrigued to try them out.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder* blushes come in 12 shades ranging from matte to semi matte to full on shimmer. There is a guarantee shade here for everyone with even very daring shades for the ultimate blush lover. I was sent the shade Quickie which is a bright pink shade, its a blue toned pink and personally it's not a shade I would choose myself however I was surprised at how it looked on my skin. It's basically just looked like a flush of colour peeking through the skin almost like I had stepped in from the cold. Overall a really nice colour and not as scary as it looks.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush Quickie Swatch
Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush Quickie Swatch
Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush quickie
The blush itself is so soft and finely milled that it goes onto the skin with such little effort. It literally glides across the cheeks and gives an even application and feels really soft on the skin. I am very impressed with this blush, from the application to the way it looks on the skin to the great staying power with around 6-7 hours wear and still looking like I had blush on. The only fault I can see is the fallout when you pick product up, mainly due to the fact that the blush is so soft but I wouldn't be too bothered by that just don't sit on you bed and do you blush with this

Now seriously can we talk packaging. It is like Urban Decay have stepped into the makeup future and made all their packaging super funky. It certainly is an eye-catching product. The way the logo is encrusted on top gives it that extra flair. Apparently the lid has been designed so you can see the product inside so you are not searching around your makeup drawer for a certain's like they know we are blush -a-holics.

In a nut shell I would defiantly recommend these blushes, the quality is there, the pigmentation is spot on, they are a dream to apply and what sells it for me is the longevity of the product. So much so I think I need to go out and buy the peachy/coral one.....send help!

Have you tried these blushes? Would you spend the cash?

These blushes are available now for €28/ £19 / $26 <click the prices for stockists>


Monday, 18 May 2015

The Bridal Edit Part 1

 makeup for brides

Since bridal season is in full swing, I thought I would tell you my top picks that I like to use on clients and from what clients have told me that they love on their face for their big day. I am planning on doing a bridal do and don't's really soon but for now I will show you some of my favourite wedding proof makeup. 

First up is base, this is crucial to get right. I have two great foundations that photograph amazingly but also give great coverage without being too heavy. I feel it is important to look like yourself on your big day, don't wear heavy makeup if you don't usually wear heavy makeup as it won't look like you when you look back in photos. Your makeup should be classic and timeless so when you look back at it in a few years it's not cringe worthy. Anyway onto my foundation choices, first is Makeup For Ever HD foundation this gives great coverage and looks amazing in photos, not only that its looks really natural. Also MUFE, offer a huge range of shades and undertones so everyone will find a match. Another great base is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, this is the less coverage sister of the double wear and this one gives the skin a natural look without being cakey while still offering amazing coverage.

When it comes to setting the base I think a lovely light reflecting powder adds a little something to the makeup, try not to go overly crazy with this but a light dusting really does give an airbrushing look to the skin. I love Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. When it comes to blush, you really want to pick a shade that goes with your skin tone and your undertone, Hourglass offer a great range of blushes that give a really Hollywood glow to the skin, I also really like Bobbi Brown blushes as they are so lovely to apply.

As for eyes apart from keeping it waterproof on the lashes and eyeliner, choose a shadow shade that works with your skin tone, I love to use Mac Patina, its a great base colour that can be slightly smoked up but it also works with so many skin tones its a real gem. If you choose false lashes, also use DUO lash glue its the bomb Diggity and lashes won't budge with it on. If you are sticking with individual lashes buy the Ardell ones as they have way more of a natural look than the Eylure.

Of course lipstick is a personal choice my faves include Urban Decay Sheer Liar lipstick, Mac Angel, Mac Patisserie, Chanel Boy, NYX Buttergloss in Tiramusi....the list goes on and I am sure you probably have a fave just make sure to apply a lip liner underneath the lipstick to prolong wear time.

Make sure to set your makeup on your big day as it is going to be a long day. I love the Urban Decay all nighter but they also do ones for different skin needs. Setting the makeup gives you one less thing to worry about at least.

So there you have it, part 1 of my bridal edit. I will be doing more posts and I am going to do some videos on my youtube channel soon. If you have any questions or requests leave them below.

Are you getting married soon?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Makeup Blog Sale

Welcome to my first ever blog sale. I was clearing out my drawers this weekend and realised I have so much stuff I never use that deserve a better home lol. So here are some pieces up for sale. I was going to keep this strictly Ireland & UK however if there is something you want and you are outside of those countries leave me a little message below and I'll discuss some postage. Shouldn't be too much hassle to work out. All shipping is €3 that is to the UK & Ireland it will be more if you buy a few products due to weight allowance etc. So feel free to have a browse. I will add more soon.

Worldwide just contact me before buying anything if you are outside Ireland or UK 
Postage: €3 plus €1 for each additional item 
Message me with any questions or email me
 First come first serve. If you would like to buy an item leave a comment below along with your paypal email address I will then send you an invoice for the product

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, used a few times €6

Sleek Blush by 3- Sweet Cheeks, Usage as shown €5 SOLD

Nars Orgasm Blush-hardly used: €14: SOLD

The Balm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette, used 3 times €10 : SOLD

Bourjois Bronzing Powder & Highlighter, used twice €4

Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink, swatched only €5.00

L'oreal La Palette Nude, used 2 times €10

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel used 1 time €2

More products will be added soon
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