Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maxfactor Excess Shimmer In Bronze

Maxfactor Excess Shimmer In Bronze
Maxfactor Excess Shimmer In Bronze
Maxfactor Excess Shimmer In Bronze

You cannot beat a good cream shadow that lasts all day on the eyes, enter Maxfactor Excess Shimmer. These little pots of cream are literally the shizz and super affordable what more could you want? I picked up the shade Bronze to give them a whirl and here is my verdict. 

First up Bronze is a reddy undertoned brown that is very warming and very natural. I would wear this on the lid blended out for a sheer hint of cooper bronze or built up to give myself the Olsen Twin smokey brown eye. Now I have no idea why they are called Excess Shimmer when they literally only contain a tiny amount of shimmer so don't let that turn you off. As for consistency it goes on like a gel and dries very quickly so when applying I usually apply with a brush and blend out quickly, blending is relatively simple so great for beginners. 

Now I have rather oily lids and nothing usually lasts on my eyes that long but these are just something else. I apply them at 9pm and come home 6pm and it still looks great. So staying power is immense and I actually prefer these over the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as they last way longer. 

I love this shadow and cannot wait to pick up more. There is only currently 6 shades and Copper is next on my list but hopefully Maxfactor will expand the shade range. To sum it all up next time your in Boots treat yourself to a little pot from Maxfactor, you will not regret it. 

Maxfactor Excess Shimmer retails for €9.99/ £7.99

Monday, January 26, 2015

Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner

Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner
Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hey everyone today I have a little budget buy for you that I picked up a few weeks back. Primark /Pennys released a beauty range not too long ago and have bought out a few essential beauty products such as a nail polish remover pot which is a great dupe for the Bourjois one and now they have a makeup brush cleaner which means you can keep your brushes clean for a fraction of the cost. 

Now I buy a lot of makeup brush cleaners as its handy to have in my kit and filming youtube tutorials means cleaning eyeshadow brushes like there is no tomorrow so having a brush cleaner for me is an essential. Now the Primark version is relatively cheap and I do like it but there are a few things I wasn't so keen on. We will start off with the pros: it cleans eyeshadow very well, it smells pleasant and leaves the brushes soft and brushes dry rather quickly after using it. Now onto the negative, it does not clean foundation at all, I was scrubbing for ages and nothing, all other brush cleaners I have used work great on spot cleaning foundation but this one is lacking in that department. Now I wouldn't let you turn you off it as it cleans powder products very well and if you are soly buying it for eyeshadow and blush etc then you will love it. However if you are buying to spot clean your foundation brush then you wont be left impressed. 

I think overall I will only use it for spot cleaning my eyeshadow brushes after makeup application and the odd powder product. I mean it was only €2.50 so it didn't break the bank but it never wowed me either. 

Have you tried this yet? What make brush cleaner do you use for spot cleaning?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cranberry Smokey Eyes Tutorial

cranberry makeup look
Cranberry Smokey Eyes Tutorial

a cranberry smokey eye

Hey everyone, today I have created a smokey cranberry eye makeup using the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. Ever since receiving this palette I have wanted to use the shade Sonic in a tutorial, its the most beautiful cranberry shade ever and it needed to be put to good use. I wanted to keep the focus mainly on the eyes for this look but I have added a sheer berry lip but I do give two options in the video for people who want to keep it more simple.

Products Used:

Revlon Colourstay Foundation In Buff
Nars Radiant Concealer in Vanilla
Nars Translucent Powder In Crystal
Nars Orgasm Blush
Nars Laguna Bronzer

Avon Primer in Light Beige
Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette shades: Undone, Downfall, Sonic Reign & Last Sin
Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
Kiko Glamourous Eyeliner in 403
Soap & Glory Brow Archery

Option 1: Mac Patisserie
Option 2: Mac Plumful

Read my full review of the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette to see swatches and my thoughts.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Bedroom Inspiration & Decor Ideas

bedroom decor inspiration

So I decided this year I am finally going to redecorate my bedroom from top to bottom. I do love my pink room but I feel I have outgrown the girly girl bedroom and want something a little more sophisticated and a little more fresh and modern. Also as I am getting older I will probably be moving out soon so it will give my mum and dad a great guest room to offer. I am defiantly leaning towards three colours, soft muted grey, white and the tiniest hint of pink, more like the odd piece of pink here and there ie flowers, candle etc. the main two themes will be grey and white. So here is what I have come up with so far, little side note Pinterest is going to be your best friend when it comes to decor ideas.
room decor ideas
Source Images: Pintrest- Pic 1 & Pic 2

some room decor

I have been looking online and two colours I am leaning towards both from Crown Paints as my local hardware store makes them up in the machine for a faction of the cost. The first shade is called  Spotlight and the other is called Silver Mist, so I must go out and get some samples to see what they actually look like on my wall. I am also planning a trip to Ikea with my brother and his fiancĂ©e in the next few weeks and I have a few things I want to pick up, obviously a tonne of candles but I also want a white tray and this white one from ikea seems perfect to store my brushes on and my little nick naks without it being directly on my dressing table. I also picked up this duvet cover from Heatons. It was in the sale for €13 for a double so a complete bargain and I love how it just looks clean and fresh. 

Also I wanted to ask if your from Dublin where can I get some amazing cushions? I am planning a Dublin trip while I go to Ikea and want to get everything up there so if you have any favourite shops I should check out let me know. Also willing to shop online so any fave online home decor shops let me know. I am super excited to redo my bedroom. I will post a video on my channel along with a post on here once its all done. 

So those are my plans for my new bedroom. Are you planning on redecorating this year? 


Friday, January 23, 2015

New In: Recent Beauty Purchases

 Recent Beauty Purchases
 Recent Beauty Purchases

After Christmas I did a little bit of shopping and I thought I show you what I got now everything has arrived. There was a lot of good sales around this year in terms of beauty but to be honest I didn't really feel the need for anything but of course I picked up a few things, one or two was an essential....maybe.

First up I got the Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag, this is the most gorgeous makeup bag I have ever owned. Its a cloth material which makes it perfect for washing and its a pretty spacious bag so perfect for travel as it would fit nicely in the suitcase. Even though it was the most expensive makeup bag I have ever bought I love it. Next is a new eyelash curler. My Shu Uemura one had worn out so I needed to get a new one. I have been wanted to try the Kevin Aucoin one for so long so I thought why not. I have been using this for around 2 weeks and I can tell you this it is incredible, it curls every lash in the most natural way and the curl lasts all day. The pad is red so it makes it easier to see if you included all the lashes in the curl...I could sing its praises all day I am loving this right now. 

Moving onto skincare, I ordered the First Aid Beauty cleanser again I love this, its so natural and leaves my skin super clean and it works well with my acne prone skin. I will do a full review soon on this as I think you will really like it. I also picked up the eye duty cream from First Aid, this was actually on sale and I have tried this but I haven't fallen head over heels with it as of yet. I mean its a nice lightweight cream but it doesn't do anything fantastic. Lastly I have had some trouble with my Clarisonic as every head I was using was making my skin worse so I opted for the Delicate head and I have used it a few times, I don't find it that much softer then the Sensitive head but I will stick with it and let you know how I get on.  So that is my little haul. Next month is my Birthday so expect another post like this soon, you know me any excuse to shop. 

Have you tried any of these? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Everyday Makeup Brushes

My Everyday Makeup Brushes

It struck me the other day that I pretty much use the same makeup brushes everyday and I have never really dedicated a post about them so I thought today is as good as any and why not let you in on the brushes that I use daily and love dearly. I wouldn't say I was a brush addict, if I find a good one I stick with it and don't feel the need to buy anymore, obviously being a makeup artist, I own a zillion (not a zillion but a fair few) but there are few in my everyday collection that I could not live without.
My Everyday Makeup Brushes Face

The Base: Ok so as you can see from the picture its really Real Techniques heavy but I do love them for their base brushes and being brushes that I have to wash weekly they wash so well and have lasted me a long time. Among the Real Techniques brushes is one lonely foundation brush from Nanshy, so lets take a look at them in depth.
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush: I adore this brush for bronzer, I have tried it for blush but found it too big and not that dense. I personally prefer it for bronzer as it gives a nice dusting of product without being over the top. 
  • Real Techniques Setting Brush: I use this brush mainly for concealer its fits nicely under the eyes and around the nose etc. Its just the right size for concealer. 
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush: Pretty self explanatory this is a huge powder brush which I use to pop powder down the t-zone etc. I think this would also make a great bronzer brush, but for me its the perfect powder brush. Its not that dense but dense enough to apply enough powder for my oily skin. 
  • Real Techniques Multi Use Brush: This is my blush brush, it picks up enough product to give you the perfect blushed cheeks I love this brush. Its dense but again not too dense to over apply product. I highly recommend this one. 
  • Nanshy Flawless Foundation FO1 Brush: I literally love this brush for foundation, its applies like a dream. Its very similar to the Sigma F80 brush but the hairs are a little longer and a lot more flexible, but just as dense. I personally find it blends better and buffs the product in more than the sigma one. This brush is also very affordable and comes in at under €14
My Everyday Makeup Brushes

The Eyes: Again very brand heavy this time Sigma. I love sigma brushes. I do own a few mac brushes in my kit but I like to keep them strictly for my kit as they are insanely pricey for a brush so I tried out Sigma eye brushes and loved them so here are my faves. 

  • Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush: I mainly use this brush to create cut creases or for crease work in general. I love how its small enough for detailed blending but big enough to blend a whole look together. 
  • Sigma E25: This is a Mac 217 brush and its kinda the same thing I do find the mac one slightly better if I'm honest but if your on a budget this does a great job. I use this for applying colour all over the lid and blending. 
  • Sigma E30 Pencil: Love this brush for applying shadow under the lower lashes and to smudge out liner on the top lash line. I think everyone should own a pencil brush. 
  • E05 Liner: My ultimate brush for winger liner, its stiff and gets the job done like a boss. 
  • Sigma E35: Again a great blending brush slightly longer than the E25 and so is great for ultimate blending. 
So there are my everyday brushes that I like to use. I did a post on a guide to Sigma Eye Brushes a while ago in case anyone is interested about getting them and you can get them from Cloud 10 Beauty, The Real Techniques brushes can be found on Cloud10 Beauty or your local Boots store

What brushes can you not live without? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay are probably the only brand that I eagerly await for every year to see what they bring out. At the end of last year they bought out the Vice 3 palette and I was lucky enough to receive one for Christmas thanks to my brother and I thought I would give you my thoughts on it. Out of all the Vice palettes this is the one I craved from the very beginning, the palette offers so many wearable shades that I knew I would get so much use out of and since receiving this I have not put it down.
Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review & Swatches
The palette itself comes in a slim case encrusted with a lime green logo, super eye catching and very sleek. It also come with a duo ended brush which is perfect for packing on colour and blending out colour. Inside contains 20 new edition and super pigmented eyeshadows and the whole thing can be transported in a matching bag which can also be used as a makeup bag. Design wise I am loving this, it fits nicely into my drawers and isn't too bulky so it can be used for travelling, extra bonus it contains a huge mirror.

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review & Swatches

The palette shades range from neutrals, jewel tones and smokey shades. There is something here for everyone and its defiantly a palette that can be used for multiple looks. All the shades are pigmented and great quality. The palette does come with numerous matte-ish shades which is a little different for Urban Decay but let me tell you those mattes come in very handy blending shades out and creating the perfect crease. Staying power is amazing as like all other UD shadows and as always they are super buttery and easy to work with even the more jewel toned shadows. Stand out shades for me would be Sonic, Downfall, Lucky, Undone, DTF, Reign and Last Sin.
Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review & Swatches

Overall I really love this palette I think its perfect for newbies in makeup who want to experiment with makeup or for people who simply love owning every palette known to man kind like myself. I also love the layout of the palette it seems to be very coordinated, which is perfect for a eyeshadow newbie. This is a limited edition palette so it won't be around for long so snap up while you can. It retails for €48/ £42 / $60