27 May 2016

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen Review

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen
I am the kind of girl who likes thier eyebrow product to take the least effort, I was recently sent the new Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen* in the shade brown and today I am going to tell you guys what I think about it.

My Thoughts On Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen:

First off the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen comes with 3 parts, it has the product itself that you apply to the brows, it then comes with a spooly brush and lastly it has this secret part that opens up to reveal a highlighting product. The main purpose of this product is to define the brows like a pro however I have to admit I am not 100% sold on the highlighting part of it. But first I will talk about the formula and the performance of the brow product itself. It comes with a nice sturdy slanted tip very similar to the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Sleek Brow Stylist, people who like to really pay attention to detail might not like this but I usually just fill in the little gaps and it works for me. The consistency is quite stiff, you have to apply a bit of pressure to get it to show, its not the creamiest of products but once on it does last all day even in hotter sweaty weather. So maybe not being super creamy helps it last longer.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen
The shade I have is brown which is actually a little and I mean little too light, I would prefer to go a tiny bit darker as I think its a little ashy on me. The brush however is a god send as it helps to groom the brows while you are filling them in and its great to have all the tools in one handy product. I also really like how it gives a real hair finish to the brows.
Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen

Now the thing I am not 100% sold on is the highlighting powder that comes on a little sponge. I find it quite dry especially over foundation and to be honest it ends up looking chalky. Its not really visible on the picture below but I find it rather chalky and I don't seem to bother applying it whenever I use this brow pen. Its a nice little touch but I think they should have used a slightly less drying formula. So for me it's not something that would make me buy this brow pen for the highlighter alone.
Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen Review
excuse the barely there makeup, hayfever was being evil

Would I Recommend Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen?

Overall it is a decent eye brow pen however I do feel there are other and possibly cheaper alternatives out there. Yes it lasts all day and all but so does the Sleek Brow Stylist and the Soap And Glory Brow Archery and they are a lot cheaper. So I wouldn't necessarily rush out and buy my right shade anytime soon. If you like splurging on brow products this may appeal to you but for me its not overly amazing for the price and there are better and cheaper products on the market.

So there is my review on the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen, have you tried it? Do you like the highlighting element?

Sturdy Product While Applying not going to break easily.
Lasts all day
Have a great brush attached
Real hair finish

Highlighter is dry
Can be hard to apply due to not being overly creamy

You can buy the for Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow 3 in 1 Brow Sculpting Pen €23/£18 /$27

*PR Gifted Item

25 May 2016

Interior: Copper Accents

Interior: Copper Accents
The last few months I have been obsessed with copper accessories and everything that even resembles rose gold. When  I redecorated my bedroom last year I went with colours that I knew would go with most shades and so lately I decided to go full out copper...well not full out but I have been adding some copper accents around the room and thought I would show you in a little post.
Interior: Copper Accents
I started off by adding a copper bedside table and then build around that. I wanted something clean looking and not too tacky as some gold/ copper accessories can look a little tacky and not very pleasing to the eye. The light is from Dunnes and cost €20 I like that it is tall so it doesn't crowd the table and also the white shade matches the white in my room such as my wall frames and my lampshade on the ceiling. I then added a copper frame which is also from Dunnes. I swear they have the best homewear at the moment. Its rose gold heaven. The frame holds a picture of my new nephew which I have blurred out  (for this picture) but I added a white border on the picture to match the white in the room and to break up the gold.

Interior: Copper Accents

Then comes the little extras, I used my Ikea white tray to be the contrast then added a little gold vase/candle holder from Carraig Donn and this usually holds candles but lately I have just left it empty to act as more of a 'for show' item. I also included some gold toned perfume bottles to just add more colour. I got the flower pot from Primark and its actually a pen holder, coming in at  €2.50 it was a total bargain and I think it looks nice and simple and when I am fed up of the flowers I can use it to store my makeup brushes.
Interior: Copper Accents

Lastly I set up a tray with my most used items and I tried to include some rose toned makeup products. I just included a blush, lipstick and some nail polishes that I love and then a candle from Primark/Pennys and viola a simple way to include some copper in a room without going overboard. Makeup is a great way to display some colour and also handy if you reach for that product all the time as its always at arms reach. Its a win win really either way. 

So there is my little bedroom update. I am so obsessed with decor and always trying new colour schemes in my bedroom so expect more of these posts in the future. 

Have you got a copper obsession? 

(the light was recently bought and still in stores but not online, just a little heads up if you like it) 

23 May 2016

Artistry Exact Fit Foundation Review

Artistry Exact Fit Foundation
Today I have a foundation review which I hardly ever post about as I am creature of habit and don't tend to test out many base products. I was kindly sent Artistry Exact Fit Foundation and I am in love.

My Thoughts On Artistry Exact Fit Foundation:

Now this foundation promises to be long wearing that can resist heat and humidity while enhancing your skins natural glow and will hide those pesky imperfections. Well there is no denying that this foundation is seriously longwearing even on my oily prone skin, this foundation will give you a solid 8-9 hours without touch ups making it a perfect foundation for brides this summer. With a very little spf you won't get any flash back and I have mainly been using this foundation for brides in my makeup kit these last two months and I am loving the results. It gives the skin a natural look but it still covers imperfections, skin redness and evens out the complexion and gives the skin a slight dewy finish. This foundation is a medium coverage but I reckon it can build up to full coverage. 
Artistry Exact Fit Foundation

The texture of this foundation is quite thick and it can be a little hard to blend out so you really have to buff this product into the skin. Once on though, it sets and doesn't have an sticky residue or anything. I was sent the shade that is way too dark for myself to wear it outside of the house but I am really digging this foundation so I am going to pick it up in a lighter shade. That being said this is the shade L3N1 which is the 8th darkest shade in the range so hopefully there is hope for us paler girls. I will report back once I can get some paler swatches.  One thing I must mention about this foundation is the smell, it smells like paint which can be a little off putting but once on the skin the smell seems to disappear. I wouldn't let it put me off the foundation but it does have a strong scent to it. 
Artistry Exact Fit Foundation

Would I recommend Artistry Exact Fit Foundation?

Coming in at a quite hefty price of €48.45 its not cheap but the quality is there and I think people who like their foundation to stick around all day but still have a natural finish will be a fan of this one. I think if you are in the market for a bridal foundation this year you should check this one out as it photographs lovely and it feels so lightweight on the skin. However Artistry isn't a well stocked brand so it may be hard to get colour matched which is a little bit of a let down. Either way though this product gets a thumbs up from me. 

*Natural Looking
*Medium Coverage with the ability to be Full coverage
*Photographs well
* Added SPF 15

* Strong Scent
* Hard to Blend
* Pricey
* Brand is hard to find in Ireland 
* Pump is a little messy 

Overall Rating: 4/5 

You can buy this foundation on the Amway website

*Gifted PR Item

10 May 2016

An Easy Guide To Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favourite European city. It has everything to offer, amazing weather, breathtaking architecture and great atmosphere. I adore this city and to kick off my new travel series I thought I would give you the easy guide to Barcelona offering you places to stay, eat and all the important places you don't want to miss.

Barcelona Spain Whenever I go to Barcelona I usually stay around 4-5 days and the first time I went I managed to get all the main attractions fitted in despite the crazy queues. If you make a plan before you go you will get it all done. My first top tip is to get on the Hop On Hop Off tour bus, yes it's very touristy but it gives you the best views of the city and even if you don't get to get off at every stop at least you have seen it. I highly recommend the tour buses in Barcelona, great value and you see literally everything. If tour buses just aren't your think you can easily jump on the metro, it connects to pretty much every main attraction but be warned in the summer it gets very hot down there.

Places You Have To Visit:
Sagrada Família Barcelona

Sagrada Família
This place is literally breathtaking. You cannot move in this place without being wowed but the attention to detail that Antoni Gaudí has put into it. This cathedral has taken over 100 years to build and it still is in construction to this day. If you regularly visit Barcelona I think its nice to pop in now and then to see the updates they have made. All money made from entry tickets goes to the continued work so its pretty great to see it go to great use.  The queue is pretty insane at peak times of the year but it is so worth it.  It's a must see. 

The Beach
If you love beaches you will love Barcelona Beach, it stretches out for miles and its the perfect place to relax and unwind from the busy city. With the blazing heat you will only want to take a dip in the water. The kids will love this beach. 
Parc Guell barcelona

Parc Guell 
This place offers great views of the city and it continues with its amazing works of Antoni Gaudi. The place itself is really pretty and not only does it offer great views it also has some great photo opportunities and some amazing architect 

Fans of heights and amazing views will love Tibidabo. If you are afraid of heights you might not like the strange vertical train that takes you up this huge mountain but once you are up there you have the choice to stroll around a gorgeous church or look out over the city with only breath taking views. Also Tibidabo has a theme park (its not Six Flags) but kids and adults alike will love it. 

 La Rambla
The main tourist street in Barcelona that runs all the way down to the Marina. It has its street entertainers and quirky shops and it's famous food market that is every foodies dream. Wherever you go in Barcelona you will always end up in La Rambla. 
Magic Fountains Barcelona

Magic Fountains 
If water and light shows are you thing you will love this. Great way to start the night by watching the prettiest water display. Check online for times as it changes throughout the year. 

Places For The Kids
Barcelona Zoo offers a great afternoon out with loads of different animals and activities for the children there is also a aquarium that they will be sure to love. 
Barcelona Zoo

Places to Stay
Each time I have been to Barcelona I stay in Hotel Villa Emilia a lovely 4 star hotel located about a 15 min walk into Catalunya. It offers spacious room and a luxury roof top terrace which is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the rooms are lovely. Also for you makeup lovers there is a Sephora just under 10 min walk away in the Placa d'Espanya area. 

Places to Eat & Drink
As Barcelona is a very touristy place its hard to find a decent place to eat if you want tapas avoid some of the major tourist traps as some try to lure you in, do your research before you go. My choice for food is a little restaurant called Restaurante Piccata its actually not far from the place I recommend to stay and its offers some great meals, if you eat here get the steak its amazing. 

Cafe Zurich
To get a drink Barcelona there is no better place than Cafe Zurich located on Placa de Catalunya, it truly is the spot to be, pass the day away people watching, enjoying the sun and just letting yourself go. Great staff and great place to leave the other half while you go and do some shopping. Just make sure you try Sangria....so good.
Sitges Spain
While in Barcelona the men might want to go to Camp Nou and even try to catch a match while there. You must check out the Marina as its nice to walk down and just chill out by the water and have a nice cold drink. If you would like a day trip away from Barcelona, I highly recommend Sitges with just and hour drive on bus for only €8 return it is a great choice. The place is very beach side and great for kids and just a great place to get away from the hussle and bussle of the busy city. 

Top Tips
Get the aerobus from the airport, its much cheaper than a taxi and it drops you in the heart of the city. Be careful and watch for pick pockets, Barcelona is known for it but don't let that put you off as its just a busy city and it happens everywhere just have your wits about you. Watch out for restaurants that try to lure you in usually they are not that great. 

Passeig de GraciaFor Shoppers
The main Sephora is located in Placa de Catalunya, there is also one in Placa d'Espanya. Great place to get makeup and all round girly luxury items is El Corte Inglés it's a great shop
 located in Placa de Catalunya. There is also a load of designer shops on Passeig de Gracia ( seriously pretty street) for more high street shops there are side streets off La Ramblas that offers hops like H&M, Zara and Kiko etc. 

So there is my easy guide to Barcelona. As I said I adore this city and recommend it to everyone. Let me know in the comments if you have been or plan on going. 

7 May 2016

Loving Lately....

Makeup Favourites
It seems like a while ago since I mentioned some favourites. To be honest I don't do these monthly cause I am a creature of habit and tend to use the same things every week the only thing that I try new is TV shows...sad I know. Today I have a mixture of both beauty and lifestyle to talk about so lets get cracking. 

First off I will start with Beauty, its been a pretty dull few weeks in terms of trying new products, however I have loved 3 makeup items. I will start with my most worn lipstick and that is Mac Peach Blossom, I got this in February and fell in love instantly with it. Its the easiest shade to wear, goes with pretty much any eye look and feels great on the lips. Highly recommend. Also from Mac is their Groundwork paintpot, again discovered in February and have been using it ever since. This was the first time trying a paintpot from Mac and I am super impressed, they last all day, blend out so easily and the shade groundwork is the most least effort shade ever, perfect for the bare minimal look. Lastly is a blush from Bobbi Brown which I bought ages and ages ago and totally forgot about it but after cleaning out my makeup drawers rediscovered my love for it. The blush in the shade Apricot looks seriously bright in the pan but once on the cheek gives you that instant radiant flush of colour, it feels so nice on the skin, has amazing pigmentation and last a good few hours before wearing down...you kinda need this blush. 
Ebay Flowers and Tea Tree Oil
Now in terms of random beauty items I have some tea tree oil that I bought for those pesky spots that just won't come to the surface. I hate the way it smells but you have to admit it is a serious spot blaster. Stings like a Mofo but works a charm. Also non beauty related but next month is a big birthday for my Mum and I plan on doing a naked cake and picked up this flowers on ebay for €1.79 and I love them,super delicate and pretty and a total bargain. 
game of thrones and perfume
Moving onto scent and I have been addicted to Jean Paul Gaultier Classique , my nan got me this for Christmas and I love it, its a strong smelling perfume but it lasts so long and every now and then you get a whiff of it on yourself. If I had to describe it I would say it has notes of Vanilla but also rose so kinda sweet and floral but still musky....I doubt I will get a job on a perfume counter anytime soon with my skills but this one is an oldy and an goldy. Lets talk Game Of Thrones! and the fact it has returned and I am loving it. I am the biggest GOT nerd and so happy it has returned, I won't go into what its all about as your probably already know but if you haven't watched it yet....get on it. 
Peaky Blinders on ipad

Lastly my best discovery of the last few weeks and that is Peaky Blinders. I seriously love love love this show it has everything, amazing stroylines, fantastic acting and the show is so well written. It's mainly a Gangster Drama set in 1920's and its amazing literally so intense and gripping. I won't go into too much detail as I won't spoil anything but you really do need to watch this. I am also now addicted to Cillian Murphy, such a brilliant actor. If I haven't swayed you yet ladies, two words might and that is 'TOM HARDY...need I say more.

So there are my latest favourites, hope you liked this style of post let me know what you are loving lately and be sure to tell me if you watch Peaky Blinders of Game Of Thrones or have tried any of the products I mentioned.
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