Thursday, 27 August 2015

Festival / Camping Essentials

Festival / Camping Essentials

With Ireland biggest festival just around the corner I thought I would put together a Festival Essential Guide from makeup to beauty items and even some techy items that will sure to make your camping experience a good one. Even if you are not going to Electric Picnic next weekend you can always use this post as a guide for camping.
Festival / Camping Essentials

When it comes to beauty, you want to keep it simple now some people might not want to go without their entire makeup bag and that's completely fine but I suggest just bringing the bare minimum as its easier to get ready for the day and you are not leaving all your valuables in your tents when your out enjoying the day.

So wet wipes are an essential, makeup remover.....ew I know I am totally against it and I myself would probably just use micellar water but I know a lot of people love wet wipes for quickness. The wipes can also be used to give yourself a little wash and to keep everything fresh if you know what I mean. Then there is dry shampoo, for me anyway this would be a major essential, greasy hair equals cranky Lauren. Next you need to pack sunscreen, as I use different ones for face and body I would pack two, but that is totally optional. Then for makeup itself I think just a BB cream, some concealer, waterproof mascara and a sheer lipstick/ balm stick will have you good to go.
Festival / Camping Essentials

Now for the non glamorous beauty items I have included some Compeed plasters, if you are wearing wellies, blisters will happen 9 times out of 10. So be preprepared and bring some plasters and these ones from Compeed are the bomb for blisters. Then to make sure your toothbrush stays 100% germ free buy a brush holder/container. I picked this up in Primark/ Pennys for €1.50 for 2.
Festival / Camping Essentials

If your like me and your phone is your best friend then you want to make sure that you always have battery life so I recommend a Solar Powered battery charger. This one from Dizaul is really great as it literally takes only a few hours to fully charge then you can charge your phone without the need of electricity and since you are outside all day it makes sense to have an solar powered one. Next is a really handy product and it is a waterproof phone holder. Now I always make sure my phone has a screen protector on but we all know Ireland its dodgy weather and being prepared for wet conditions is a must. This little bag keeps your phone 100% dry and you can wear it around you neck, not particularly stylish but very practical. Lastly to get the party going all day and night long grab yourself a bluetooth speak, perfect to pair with anyone's phone. The sound of this one isn't super amazing but it does the job and its nice and small so it won't take up much room in the tent or in your backpack.

So there you have it my festival/ camping essential guide. Everything you need to have the perfect weekend. Let me know what products you would bring to a festival or camping.

Are any of you off to EP next weekend?

This post is in collaboration with Insurance2go, this is not a paid or sponsored post I was gifted some phone accessories to review. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

5 Things This Month

5 Things This Month

Long time no speak. I have been absent from this blog for nearly 2 weeks. I felt like I was getting a little writers block and then my cousin from Wales came over and I entered lazy mode and then I got flu and was writing a will at one stage (I'm not good at being sick) but now I have returned and to kick it all off I thought I would talk about 5 things that I have loved this month with a little bit of beauty and lifestyle.
5 Things This Month
To kick off the beauty side of things I have been using the new Lancome Hypn√≥se Volume A Porter mascara* I usually don't go near non waterproof mascara however this mascara is the bomb. It has a thin tapered brush that grabs all the lashes leaving them voluminous without being clumpy and separated to give a lengthened effect. For me its a winner as it adds volume, length and holds a curl while feeling really lightweight on the eyes. Also the gunmental packaging is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend this mascara to everyone who has lashes basically. The formula is on fleek!...did I use that expression right? 

Next is the Beauty Blender, I mentioned this last month but I am just loving it so much. However I have no idea how but its has torn a little on the top like the sponge is still in tact but it has rip holes in it. I read online its from washing it and your nails ripping it but I literally have stumps at the moment due to me biting them again so I really have no idea how this went down.  Not impressed but I only use the bottom so it hasn't effected makeup application and the finish is flawless so I am still loving this little black sponge, I'm just annoyed its ripped. 

Lastly for beauty is Mac Mehr lipstick. This is a matte lipstick....I know am I ok? I never wear matte shades as I get super dry lips but this colour is so pretty. Mehr is a medium blue toned pink and for a matte is actually really creamy. I love teaming it with NYX Buttercream in Tiramisu when my lips are a little drier but I usually wear it alone and its a beaut. I think it would work for most skin tones and I never hear anyone talk about this one so check it out next time your in Mac. I will do a post on it soon as I want to show you it teamed with the buttergloss so stay tuned. 
5 Things This Month

Two other items I have been loving this month are non beauty. The first thing is a Agenda, ok where do I start this is literally the prettiest planner I have ever seen. I got mine off Asos but there will be an Irish retailer selling them very soon (shop link). They are so worth checking out and from what I have heard they are selling out like crazy. I will leave a video link where you can see inside the may make you want it even more.

Last but not least I finally found a  Jon Snow Funko Pop. I have looked for one of these for ages, I know I could have ordered online but the shipping prices of some places on ebay is crazy so I told myself I would wait to find one in a shop and after a little spontaneous trip to Dublin last weekend here he is. It doesn't do anything but I love it, look at his little sword haha.

So there are my 5 things this month. I will be back in full swing now starting from today with the blog and if you have any requests feel free to ask me in the comments. What products have you been loving this month?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Asos Wishlist: Curve Range & Accessories

Asos Wishlist: Curve Range & Accessories
There is nothing I love more than spending hours on Asos adding things to my basket but not buying them. I know I am one of those annoying folks who pretend to online shop but lately I have been purchasing a lot more clothes and fashion items rather than makeup and so I thought I put together a little wishlist of some items that have taken my fancy and because I am saving at the moment wishlists keep me going. There is a theme, its very monochrome with the tiniest hint of colour because when is Parisian chic and monochrome ever out of style? So feel free to grab any of these products if you fancy and happy shopping.
  1. Ted Baker Pumps
  2. Swing Dress
  3. Peg Tousers
  4. Lionel Richie T-shirt (amazing find)
  5. Floral Cut Out Top

Can we just talk about the Lionel Richie t-shirt....amazing! I literally am hoping this gets reduced because I don't want to spend 30 something euro on a t-shirt. however I am prepared to do it. Also I have to admit I did buy those Peg Trousers after I edited these pictures. I thought they make a great holiday evening outfit. I am also hoping that cut of top gets reduced.
Asos Wishlist: Curve Range & Accessories
6. Star Print Skirt 
7. Leather Ankle Boots
8. Mint Mini Pocket Bag

Lets just take a moment for that awesome skirt....seriously I need this however im scared a pencil skirt will make my hips look huge. I am actually also really considering those boots for winter and that mint bag is a beaut. Arhhh I want it all.

So there is my little wishlist, what are you lusting after lately? Anything here tickle your pickle?

Monday, 10 August 2015

Clinique Punch Pop Lipstick

Clinique Punch Pop Lipstick

So my lovely friend all the way from America sent me a little package and inside was a Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer in the shade Punch Pop. She told me she was getting me a very me shade and oh she hit the nail on the head because this shade is a beaut.
Clinique Punch Pop Lipstick

I am kind of new the Clinique makeup, I have tried one foundation and of course just expressed my love for the cheek pop blushes but I have never really branched into their make-up line. When these Pop Lip Colour & Primer lipsticks came out everyone was raving on about them like there was no tomorrow and so I was very excited to see what all the fuss was about.

First off lets talk packaging, this for me is a winner the cleaver idea of creating the tube the same colour of the lipstick is great and very handy especially if you own a lot of these baby's and of course if your a general lip junkie it will make it a lot easier to find amongst your collection. I also really like the simplicity of the packaging. Now for what really matters the actual product itself. Well first off we have to talk about the shade Punch Pop, this is a gorgeous bright pink shade with a very slight plum /purple undertone. Its a very daring shade and would look amazing in the summertime.
Clinique Punch Pop Lipstick  swatch
The formula of these lipstick are what makes it a great product. This lipstick is super duper creamy and that can have both positive and negatives especially when it comes to bright shades like this. Obviously the positive is the fact it feels like a dream to wear and it applies so well just gliding over the lips, however the negative and I'm not sure if people will agree but the more pigmented the lipstick and creamier the harder to apply, in terms of staying in the lipline. Not to let that put you off but if you do have thin lips you may want to use a lip brush to get a clean edge. Saying all that I do love the creamy formulas as I suffer with dry lips and cream formulas are lifesavers and like I mentioned they are lovely to wear through out the day. Staying power is around 4-6 hours depending on how much drinking and eating you are doing. I feel that is pretty good for a lipstick, however this lipstick is meant to have a primer mixed into it so that will help keep your lipstick on for longer.

Overall I love this lipstick and already have my eye on Melon Pop for an everyday shade. I think Punch Pop is a shade that will suit most skin tones and again will look amazing on a nice hot summers day...if we ever get one that is. I would highly recommend the lipstick itself as it has a gorgeous formula and feels so lovely on the lips.

Have you tired the Clinique Pop Lipsticks? What shade do you own?

Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer retails for €19.50 /£ 16 / $18

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