10 February 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks Review

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks Review

When a brand calls a product the only 1 you can't help but think so what's so great about huh? The Rimmel Only 1 Lipstick promises to be the only lipstick you will ever need so I thought I would let you all know what I think about them and whether or not they live up to their name.

I picked up two shades at first I bought Peachy Beachy and while I loved the formula I didn't like the shade so I went out to get another one in a more wearable shade so I could really put it to the test. The lipsticks are packaged in a slanted casing which is actually really nice it also has a nice little feature of having the colour of the lipstick on the packaging which is handy if you have a drawer of lipstick, like most makeup addicts do.

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks Review

I think what makes these lipsticks a winner in my eyes is the formula, they are enriched in Vitamin E and Rosa Fruit Oil that moisturise the lips and leave them feeling hydrated, smooth and super comfortable to wear. Another winning point is the staying power, these lipsticks tend to stick around on the lips a good amount of time and when it comes to wearing off they fade away easily without leaving any gross residue (you know what I mean)  Overall I would say wear time is around 4-5 hours, which is pretty good going for a drugstore lipstick. Application is great aswell as they have a slanted pointed bullet making them easy to apply and they feel so lightweight on the lip despite the amazing pigmention and colour payoff. 

The shades I have are Peachy Beachy, which is a bright almost neon coral, don't get me wrong it is a pretty colour but I don't think it suited my skin tone very well, however I can imagine it looking amazing in the summer with a bit of a tan. The other shade I have is Naughty Nude, this is the typical everyday shade that can be worn with pretty much any makeup look. Its on the brown/ pink side of nude making it a bit more wearable then the average wishy washy nude shade. 
Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks Review
Top: Naughty Nude/ Bottom: Peachy Beachy
Overall I do really like these lipstick and would love to pick up a bright pink shade ready for the summer months, the formula is great especially for people who suffer with drier lips and the staying power is really good for a drugstore product. If you are in the market for a affordable, creamy lipstick you need to pick up one of these lipstick. I think Naughty Nude is the perfect everyday shade that everyone should get their hands on. There are 15 shades in total and they come in at €8.99 / £6.99 and can be found in Boots. 

8 February 2016

Beauty Instagrams You Need To Follow

Beauty Instagrams You Need To Follow

There is something quite satisfying about scrolling through Instagram and seeing beauty products photographed to perfection. Today's post I though I would share with you my favourite Instagram accounts and I am sure all you beauty loving folks will sure to love them too. Instagram these days is a constant competition as to who can get the perfect pictures and when it comes to mastering in capturing the moment these girls have it down to a fine art.

KATE LA VIE:  The queen of photographing beauty products Instagram is nothing short of amazing. If Kate's blog leaves you wanting more then head over to her Instagram page. It is packed with product photography, amazing interior ideas and loads more. Yes Kate is the boss when it comes to taking pictures and this instagram account it not to be missed. Serious house envy aswell.

MAKEUP MONSTER.IE: With an amazing Irish beauty blogger comes an equally amazing Instagram account. This account is packed with all the latest product launches and as its linked to her blog it features all her latest posts. With stunning photography and some serious enabling skills this account will leave your bank balance very sad but your face very happy. 

HELLO OCTOBER XO: I have loved this Instagram account for some time now its just so pretty to look at and so pleasing for the eyes. Like the last two photography is amazing however this Instagram shows a little more in the life pics which is always nice to see and she makes London look so dreamy. Also major hair envy and the girl knows how to do a winged eye.

PRETTY CHIC THINGS: This is a new one for me but I have been hooked ever since I hit the follow button. This one is a little mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle and like the name suggest everything is chic and super pretty to look at. It's another eye pleaser and it's one you should defiantly follow.

So there are my go to Instagram accounts, be sure to let me know you faves and link you instagram up below for me to take a browse....I am addicted!  

Here is my link

3 February 2016

My Top 3 Foundation Brushes/ Tools

My Top 3 Foundation Brushes/ Tools

I have to admit foundation brushes are my weakness, if you have the right tool you can make your makeup look on point all the time. Over the years of working with makeup and of course being a beauty shopahiolic I have tried many base brushes and tools and while some were amazing, there was some that really did not make the cut but today I have narrowed it down to just 3, these are the 3 that I would recommend to everyone and believe you would love just as much as I do.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

The first is pretty much a cult classic. I think pretty much everyone has tried this brush or at least dupe for this brush but the Real Techniques Buffing Brush is pretty darn special. Part of the Core Collection available from Real Techniques this is one of the best foundation brushes. It's been designed to evenly apply product to the face while gently massaging/ buffing product into the skin. It is pretty hard to go wrong with this brush even when using a heavier foundation. Not only does it work well with foundation but I like to use it with cream blush, powder and even as the last step when you want to make sure all your makeup is truly blended thus making the Real Technique Buffing Brush a great addition to your collection.
Sephora 56 Brush

If your someone who likes to take precision and time doing their makeup the Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56 is for you. This brush has densely packed bristles, so its one that can build up coverage as you need it but each time it delivers a flawless finish. Its really is a special brush and worth the heavy price tag. I have found this brush to work with thinner liquids a little better than heavier consistencies but you have so much control with this brush you can't go wrong. Splurge on this one next time you are in a Sephora.
The Beauty Blender
Fans of the sponge application need a Beauty Blender in their lives. I cannot believe I went so long without purchasing one of these, after trying so many dupes nothing really compares to the original and although it might seem a little expensive for a sponge you won't regret it. The Beauty Blender is amazing in one simple word. It blends out foundation like a boss, bouncing off the skin delivering flawless finishes every time. If you aren't convinced you need it just remember its more than just a sponge (I'm very passionate about it lol)...full review here.

So there are my top 3 Foundation tools, have you tried any of these brushes? Let me know your favourite foundation brush/tool

1 February 2016

5 Beauty Products You Need

5 Beauty Products You Need
Instead of doing a beauty faves each month, I thought I would do 5 beauty products you need to try. I'm not sure how people feel about the whole monthly favourites and to be honest I don't shake my makeup routine up enough to have new products to show each month, so I thought I would just do this style of post every now and then and see how they go. This time around I have some new goodies I have been trailing and I couldn't wait to let you all know about them.
5 Beauty Products You Need

First off I need to start with base products, I am on the look for the perfect foundation and I recently got a sample of Mac Pro Longwear Foundation. I went for the shade nc15 as I had read this foundation runs a little darker than the rest of Mac's foundations. The shade is a little dark to be honest but I can make it work by blending it down the neck. I have been using this foundation for just under a week and I have to say it was love at first sight. Just a light layer covers everything it needs to and it feels so lightweight on the skin and the best part it last literally all day. I kid you not it will look just as good as the moment you put it on to the time you take it off, it's pretty impressive. This foundation is marketed as a medium but buildable coverage and I did experiment with it a little and build it up to a higher coverage and it felt a little tacky and somewhat cakey but after a hour or two of wearing it, it seemed to settle down and looked and felt fine on the skin. Next product I want to mention is the Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder Foundation (shade 113). This is on the other end of the coverage scale compared to Pro Longwear. Its a very fine milled powder that feels so good on the skin, yes it covers the bare minimal but it does the job and for those lazy days around the house but you still want something on the skin this is your guy. Saying that if you are blessed with great skin, I think this would become an everyday staple for you. It can be used wet or dry but I used it wet and I didn't like it but everyone is different but using it dry is a winner.

Lastly in terms of base products is my new love Nars Gina, you all know I love a good coral blush and Nars Gina is just that. I would describe it more of a orange, coral shade. It can be a little pigmented so a light hand is best and just a side note it looks a little oranger in real life, the camera is making it look a little pinker however it is a beaut.
5 Beauty Products You Need
Now I think the next product is just a Christmas edition but it has been around for 2 years now maybe more. However I read somewhere they were making it permanent but don't quote me on that, either way next December make sure you pick up Lush Rose Jam Shower gel, it smells simply incredible. Lastly is one of my all time favourite lip glosses is NYX Buttergloss in Strawberry Parfait, I have been obsessed with this the last few weeks and actually nearly run out. You all know my feeling towards the NYX Butterglosses, there is nothing but love there but this shade is a beauty. It runs almost berry like but still has a pink tone to it, you need this!

So there are 5 beauty products I recommend at the moment. Have you tried any of these products? What are you loving at the moment?
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