27 April 2016

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed

When it comes to seasons of makeup one season I get excited about is the Summer collections and when I saw Urban Decays Summer Collection and saw that it was all about getting the glowy complexion I knew it was a winner and I am happy to say this bronzer did not disappoint.
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed
First off we need to talk packaging. Has there ever been a more swoon worthy packaging?, I mean it just screams summer with its palm trees and beach like feel. It truly is amazing,  packing aside though I have to admit this is one of the nicest bronzer I have ever used and for many reasons but the main reason is the texture. 

This powder bronzer is finely milled, pigmented and smooth like butter and giving that great pigmentation they are still easy to build up without going over board leaving the perfect finish to the skin which is  matte but still luminous and totally natural. 

Having pale skin it can be hard to get that sunkissed look but with this bronzer it is literally fool proof making you look sunkissed in a good way. It literally does look like you have just stepped off a beach. Now as Sunkissed is the palest of the two shades it is suitable for more fairer skin tones but I think it will translate well on slightly more medium skintones. It does however have a warm undertone so if that ain't your thing you might not like this however the other bronzer in the range in the shade 'Bronzed' is meant to have a more yellow undertone. 
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed  On The Face
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed  Swatch

As I mentioned it is matte so it is perfect for doubling up as a contour and even an eyeshadow so a great all round product especially handy if you are taking it on holiday this summer. I simply love this bronzer and the texture is what has sold me it feels incredible on the skin. As for staying power it lasts on me for around 6-8 hours depending on how oily my skin has gotten throughout the day but overall a decent lasting power.

I highly recommend this bronzer and I have nothing bad to say about it. It has replaced my beloved Nars Laguna which has been a cult fave for over 3 years so that is pretty darn special. I think if your going to pick anything up from the Urban Decay Summer Collection this year it has to be this bronzer, you will not regret it. 

So girls does this appeal to you? Are you in the market for a new bronzer? 

Urban Decay Sunkissed Bronzer retails for €26.40 /£20/ $28 and can be bought on Feel Unique or Sephora 

24 April 2016

H&M Homeware Picks

H&M Homeware Picks

So if you haven't already heard H&M now deliver to Ireland and that means we now get access to the homeware section #OMG. So for today's post I thought I share with you my top picks of what to pick up if you fancy treating yourself and throughout the month of April they are offering free shipping....like we need an excuse.

I love all the copper accessories they have in there at the moment. Also if you are planning a BBQ or a picnic they have cute accessories available including some great palm tree print items. Now all I need is a fuller bank account. 

Left To Right:

Have you bought anything from H&M homeware yet? 

You can shop online now.

15 April 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon

Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli MelonLancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon

If you haven't already seen the new Lancome Juicy Shakers* then you are in for a treat, the new launch from Lancome is seriously impressive and everyone seems to be going mental for them. Today I am going to give you my two cents on them and let you know if they are worth the hype. 

As you can see from the packaging they looks super adorable and very quirky in fact a lot of people will probably be sold on the packaging alone. The whole concept in generally really, you basically shake it up like a cocktail shaker and then apply it to your lips. Pretty neat eh? Well even thou the applicator does  looks hard to use it actually just glides on the lips without any effort, in fact the whole product is very low maintenance. Once on the lips they kinda feel like the YSL Tint In Oil but a lot less oily and a little more lipgloss but without the whole sticky feeling. They wear like a lipgloss but a lot more hydrating and it is probably one reason why I am constantly reaching for it with my forever chapped lips. It does feel really nice on the lips and very comfortable to wear. 

The only down side I would say to these lipgloss/oil is the staying power, like most lipgloss product you don't really expect a great longevity and that is the case here. They do leave a slight stain on the lips that does hang around longer that the gloss itself. That being said it is no hassle to apply as the sponge applicator feels nice on the lips and they are really low maintenance in the fact you don't even need a mirror to apply. Overall I say they last around 1-2 hours and maybe 2-3 hours of a stain. 

I have the shade Meli Melon which is a light pink/ coral shade with a slight shimmer which isn't that evident, it's actually really pretty and great shade for everyday but will also looks really nice in the summertime. 
Lancome Juicy Shaker In Meli Melon
Priced at €22 they aren't the cheapest out there but I think they are worth the money for the way they feel on the lips and I think if your like me and like that easy to wear lip product you will love these. I have actually swatched a few other shades in store and there is not one shade I don't like and already have my eye on the plum shade. So in a nutshell if you liked Lancome Juicy tubes you will love these as they are a much better formula and if you hate lip gloss like moi you will also love these, seriously though these are seriously so lovely to wear and don't feel like a lipgloss at all and they smell amazing, everything you want in a lip product. I highly recommend them.

They feel lovely on the lips
Easy to wear
An Overall Easy Maintenance Lip Product
Smell incredible.

Not overly long wearing

Retail Prices: €22 / £ 18
You can buy Lancome Juicy Shakers over on Debenhams and Boots
*Gifted PR Item

12 April 2016

Best Of Netflix Part 3

Netflix Recommendations Part 3
So I am back with another Netflix recommendations post. As you may or may not know I am a tv addict and I am always starting a new series and getting addicted to the next big show. I have already done 2 other netflix recommendations Part 1 & Part 2 can be found on my blog and I also have a all time fave tv show post but today I have part 3 so if your stuck for programmes to watch on netflix I got you covered.

First off my new love and I mean LOVE! and that is 'How To Get Away With Murder', now I started this show with zero expectations in fact whenever I see a trailer it comes across as not that interesting but let me reassure you it is literally the best tv show ever and I mean EVER. The show is basically about 5 law students who start to study defence law and they learn the ropes from Defence Attorney Annalise Keating, something goes down (no spoilers) and it all spirals from there, the show is packed with twists, oh hell no moments and my mind has been blown at least 6 times watching two seasons. So if you like to sit there with your mouth open in shock then this show is for you. 

Next is Scream Tv Series, now I am not the biggest fan of the films, in fact they are almost too corny to watch and while this show has some corniness about it, it is indeed a worth the watch show. It's based on a few high school teenagers who of course start to get killed off but unlike the film its not all phone calls and heavy breathing its more put together and less typical american horror show. It has a few shocks and a good storyline and I feel it deserves more views. If you loved the film franchise you will of course love this and if your a fan of 'I wonder who the killer is' this show is for you. 

Something totally different and that is Better Call Saul, now fans of the amazing Breaking Bad will probably already be watching this show but if not its about a not so put together lawyer and his day to day dodgy lifestyle. It is set 6 years before the show Breaking Bad so its kinda of how he got to be Walter Whites Lawyer. It's hard to explain this show but its 100% worth watching. 

Lastly is Bates Motel, I think Netflix has 3 seasons of this show so far and it is amazing. It is a very dark show so if your not into strange occurrences you wont like this but if you love the film Physco and the likes you need to watch this. It follows the story of a strange troubled young boy who lives with his over protective mum, throw in the fact he is a psychopath and you got yourself a thriller. Love this show it ceases to amaze me. Highly recommend.

Show there are 4 more Netflix recommendations all of these show are available on UK Netflix as I know we are now blocked from viewing American content....sad moment, but hopefully the UK version will up it game but for now there are 4 great shows to keep you busy.

Let me know what you have been loving on Netflix lately and leave some film recommendations in the comments. 

3 April 2016

I'm Back: A Blogging Break

I'm Back: A Blogging Break
So.....I guess I am back. I took a longer break from blogging than expected in fact I never even meant to take a break from blogging at all. I had massive plans for the year of blogging when 2016 rolled in and in reality I lost all interest of blogging as soon as it turned January.

I have taken breaks before and returned and then got stuck in the same blogging rut, which is so frustrating and I am sure anyone who blogs has been there and got the t shirt. I guess one of my main reasons I have been failing as a blogger is because of personal stuff going on in my life. I haven't been very well since last October and it has affected my day to day life. It's nothing too serious but it has interfered with my blogging and I want to change that. Another reason is last year I decided I wanted to change my career and I wanted to enter the baking world. I have a huge passion for baking and I wanted to turn professional and hopefully make some money from it. I am in the middle of trying to establish myself as a cake maker etc and with that comes with not buying a lot of new beauty items. So one of the reasons there hasn't been many posts is due to lack of material to talk about. However I have a solution...kinda. I said this way back about introducing more lifestyle and travel etc into my blog and it's still something I want to do but not sure about how you all feel about it, does the title of my blog restrict me? 

I have posted some lifestyle posts on here before and I would love to do more. I am really into photography and travelling and would love to include more of that into this blog and maybe some crafty posts as I am always doing some DIY stuff....they call me Neil  Buchanan (they really don't).

Anyway I guess this post is to let you all know that there will be some big changes on the blog and I really want to continue to blog but I want things to change. Yes it will be 80% beauty but I want that other 20% to be more personal and reflect my personality a little more. Is this something that would interest you? I am keeping my baking blog separate as I find it easier that way so if you want to check that out click here. I guess you can say I am going to reinvent Makeup By Lauren Marie and for once I am excited about it and I promise this is the last 'Where Have I Been' post, no more random breaks in posting. 

So here is to the rest of 2016! 

How is your year going so far? 

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